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UFC 125 Results: Frankie Edgar vs Gray Maynard | Clay Guida vs Takanori Gomi | Brandon Vera vs Thiago Silva | Chris Leben vs Brian | Nate MMA Fight

Written By Rana G on Sunday, January 2, 2011 | 6:03 AM

The UFC 125 main fight card started out with Clay Guida vs Takanori Gomi tonight. Takanori Gomi is counting on his striking to win this but Guida has a cast iron chin. Gomi is coming off an amazing KO of Tyson Griffen and a win here would rocket him into title contention. For Guida, this fight is also on his path to a shot at the title belt but Gomi is a former lightweight champion of PRIDE. Guida’s path is not going to be an easy one. We have live results of the Guida vs Takanori match for you, as we are watching the UFC 125 live stream online now!

Guida appears to be completely jacked up as he enters the arena. Gomi is calmly waiting for him, conserving his energy. This should be an awesome fight! Here we go!

Round 1

Gomi takes the center of the octagon and lets Guida dance around the outside. Guida is crazy, whipping his hair around as usual. A minute in and Gomi has yet to touch him, although Guida hasn’t landed anything either. Whoops! Guida throws a kick and it lands! Gomi gets knocked back a bit and Guida follows with an overhand right. Guida goes for a takedown but Gomi pops back up. Back in the middle, Gomi’s extra reach isn’t helping him much. Guida throws another high kick but misses. They circle and the crowd gets restless. Guida tries another takedown but can’t get it. Guida tries the headkick and lands, and then the takedown…THAT worked! Gomi in half guard, but the round ends.

Round 2

Gomi lands a right to start out the round and Guida isn’t whipping his hair around QUITE as much. Guida goes for a takedown but Gomi’s pretty resistant. Guida tried hard, even flipping him over but Gomi is like a Weeble Wobble doll: always pops back up. Guida keeps trying a wild right hand but he doesn’t close the distance enough so they never land. Gomi keeps trying a jab but he can’t get the timing right against Guida’s rapid and erratic movement. Guida lands a nice headkick. His leg seems to be about a mile long when he shoots it out there like that! Guida lands a right. Big knee by Gomi! But it results in Guida grabbing it and taking him down, and Guida has Gomi’s left hand trapped. He has an arm triangle. He’s trying to pass…can’t do it so he switches to guillotine choke…and he’s got it! Holy cow, Gomi tapped out! Clay Guida wins by submission at 4:26 in the second round!

UFC 125 Live Stream Nets Frankie Edgar Draw Result For Gamblers

The new year started with a bang for UFC fans, with the first day of 2011 producing UFC 125. The card was not one of the biggest that sport has ever seen, but there were still enough matches of interest to keep gamblers heading to the windows at Las Vegas sports books.

Unlike many other sports in the US, UFC and its president, Dana White, have embraced the rebel attitude. While White wants his fighters to be accountable for their actions, the president of the fastest growing organization in sports understands what gambling means to his brand. While the NFL has pretended that gambling does not exist on their sport, the UFC has taken over as the largest fight betting sport in the country.

It used to be that boxing dominated the sports books. Odds makers could never make lines high enough to keep gamblers away from top boxers such as Cassius Clay and Mike Tyson. With UFC, it is different, any fighter can win on any given night, although the upset is still more rare than the favorite winning.

On Saturday night, UFC 125 featured a headlining event in which Frankie Edgar put his lightweight championship on the line against Gray Maynard. Edgar was the betting favorite, but it did not look like that should have been the case in the first round.

Maynard came out throwing punch after punch. By the end of the first round, Edgar had taken over 100 punches from the challenger. As he has done so many times before, however, Edgar rebounded to have a strong fight. The battle went to the judges cards, and the results netted a draw. That was an unfortunate result for gamblers who be on either Maynard or Edgar.

In earlier results, Briann Stann defeated Chris Leban in the Co-Headliner match. Thiago Silva won big on the scorecards over Brandon Vera, and Dong Hyun Kim kept his unbeaten streak alive by gaining a decision over Nate Diaz. Clay Guida submitted Takanori Gomi in a featured match at 155 pounds.

UFC 125 Live Results: Brandon Vera vs Thiago Silva Live Stream Results

The third fight on the UFC 125 main fight card is Brandon Vera vs Thiago Silva. We have live results for you, as we are watching the UFC 125 live stream online now! Both Vera and Silva are fantastic Muay Thai practitioners. Silva says he’s very confident going into this fight and intends to knock Vera out. Vera of course is coming off a huge facial injury in his last fight, and just wants to prove to the world that he is back. Both guys have actually been out of the cage for a long time. Silva exactly a year now to heal up his back, and Vera since March’s broken face injury. It will be very interesting to see how they do tonight — at least they are evenly matched. This is a light heavyweight match. Here we go!

Round 1

The guys got right to it, go immediately to a clinch and Vera hamming Silva with knees. They separate and Vera lands a great leg kick. They clinch up on the cage and then go down with Silva on top. Silva has head and arm control. Vera is holding on tight, keeping Silva from doing any damage to his face with an elbow like what happened with Jon Jones. This is also having the fortunate side effect of keeping Silva from doing much of anything. Vera gets in butterfly guard and Silva passes to side control. Vera is getting squashed and Silva starts pounding. Silva lands a nasty elbow to Vera’s head. Silva looks like he’s working on a north south choke but moves back to side control. Vera just can’t do anything from underneath. Silva tries to pass and gets stuck in half mount. The horn blows and they come to their feet obviously pissed at each other. A little posturing and then off to their corners.

Round 2

Vera attacks immediately, leg kicks, lefts, rights…he is on fire! Silva answers with a head kick and they clinch up on the cage. Vera needs to keep this off the ground and Silva clearly wants to go there….and he does. Silva takes him down, Vera in full guard. Vera working a little harder this time from underneath, trying to twist into some other position. Vera throws some elbows off his back. Silva tries to pass, Vera says no. Silva gets up and steps over him, comes down in half mount. Silva’s ground game is pretty impressive. Silva does some ground and pound, and Vera is not take advantage of opportunities to get loose or to get hooks. He seems frozen. The crowd is getting restless. Silva appears to be trying for a kimora, he is now is half mount, trying for side control. The round is almost over, and it’s another round for Silva. The crowd boos.

Round 3

I can’t believe there IS a round 3, but here we go. Silva throws a leg kick and Vera catches it and trips him. Silva hops up and the go back to circling. Silva does another head kick, and Vera catches it, which I think is what Silva wanted because they clinch up and boom! They’re down and Silva has over under control. Vera is covering his head with his hand…I really think he’s intimidated and afraid of injury. Silva hammers him anyway. Silva decides to pull Vera away from the cage and Vera uses it to get up a little, but can’t shake Silva off. Silva continues to dominate, pounding on him. Trying to end the fight but Vera is not fighting back, he’s just covering up. This is really sad. Vera is not the fighter he was. Silva finishes out the round bitch-slapping Vera while keeping him pinned to the mat. Vera’s nose is evidently broken.

UFC 125 Live Results: Chris Leben vs Brian Stann Streaming Now

The co-main event on the UFC 125 fight card is Chris Leben vs Brian Stann. We have live results for you, as we are watching the UFC 125 live stream online now! Apparently Brian Stann asked for this fight, which explains why Leben was willing. It’s kind of a step down for him. Stann wants to use this fight to advance his career, but Leben says Stann can’t punch his way out of a paper bag. Leben says “They call me out, I punch them, they go down then my hand gets raised.” A bit cocky, eh? Stann on the other hand thinks his Marine background is what makes him worthy and I don’t disagree with him. We will see who prevails here; if Stann pulls this off it could be the upset of the year, on January 1!

Round 1

Leben’s fingernails are painted to match his hair I think. Wow. They get right to it with inside leg kicks. Stann is countering pretty good. Leben swings and misses. Then he lands a leg kick. He tries to connect and slips, and they clinch. It’s turning into a Leben-style brawl as they grapple around the arena fighting for control. They end up on the cage, Leben gives Stann some knees to the gut. Leben unleashes a foot stomp and they separate. Stann kicks and Leben catches it. Stann unloads a combo and Leben goes down! Stann has him in a standing guillotine! Leben gets loose somehow, they clinch and Stann punches him and Leben goes down again! He gets up again and Stann knees him and he goes down again! Stann keeps punching him and the ref stops the fight. Leben STILL isn’t up! HOLY CRAP! Stann wins by TKO at 3:37 in the first round. Stann dedicates the fight to one of his Marines who died this week in Afghanistan. I did not catch the name, sorry!

UFC 125 Live Results: Nate Diaz vs Dong Hyun Kim Live Stream Results

The second fight on the UFC 125 main fight card is Nate Diaz vs Dong Hyun Kim. We have live results for you, as we are watching the UFC 125 live stream online now! Kim is undefeated so far, and this is another welterweight bout for Diaz who is testing himself at 170. Diaz thinks he has better standup and Jiu Jitsu than Kim….I don’t know about that but we’ll see!

Goldberg points out that Kim did lose a fight once, but his opponent tested positive for something, so it didn’t go on his record. He also brought up that his decision against Matt Brown was very controversial…so maybe this makes him less intimidating. We shall see right now, because here we go!

Round 1

Both guys in southpaw position, Diaz is throwing but not landing. They try a couple inside kicks off each other. Diaz tries a knee and Kim locks it up and takes him down trying for a kimora. Diaz evades that though. Diaz in full guard, Kim rears up and slams in the face with a fist. Kim lands in side control for a second, but Diaz gets back in half guard. They wrestle around to a sort of a half north-south position, but Diaz gets back in full guard again. Kim lands another heavy blow. Kim goes for an armbar, but that doesn’t work either…Diaz has very good defense on his back. Diaz attacked a leg but lost it, and Kim regained top position. Kim got a hook but Diaz got his leg locked up instead. Kim tried to get away but Diaz had his heel…then they did separate and back on their feet. Round over. This was definitely Kim’s round as he controlled Diaz on his back the whole time.

Round 2

Kim comes out with a huge right for Diaz’s chin. Diaz answers with a left right combo but it’s not near as heavy as Kim’s. Kim takes him down quickly and here we go with another round of Diaz on his back. Diaz has his right leg across Kim’s neck as Kim tries to go into side control but it doesn’t stick. Kim continues working on passing into side control but Diaz’s legs and hips just won’t cooperate! Kim lands a huge right, then a huge left. Diaz gets his feet under him and pushes Kim off, but Kim takes him right back down. They continue fighting for a hook…Kim looks like he’s wrestling an octopus — Diaz’s legs are everywhere and in the way. Diaz flips it around and gets on top, tries a guillotine but Kim shakes him off and the round is over. Another round for Kim.

Round 3

So far Diaz has been brilliant defensively, but he needs to get some offense going here! Diaz starts out with a good stiff jab, Kim answers with a vicious head kick but it misses. Diaz takes down Kim but he comes back up against the cage, and Kim pushes him off. Diaz grabs Kim around the neck, and Kim had a hand down on the mat when Diaz kneed him in the head. The ref stopped the fight and gave Kim five minutes. On the replay it was really close whether his hand was on the mat or not when the knee landed. It really stunned Kim . They get going again, and Diaz tries to take Kim down but Kim winds up on top. Kim trying for side control but can’t. Kim gets his back, and Diaz gets up with Kim trying to drag him back down. He does, but Diaz has one of his legs. Kim gets a hook…then another he almost has it! No, Diaz gets loose. They’re back up clinched on the cage, the back down with Diaz on top. Kim gets up and Diaz lands a HUGE kick, followed by a knee. I think Kim is fading a little, Diaz starts landing some punches, and some knees. Kim turns to the cage to protect his face. Diaz just can’t finish him and the round is over!

We go to the judges’ scorecards for a decision. All three judges score it 29-28 for Kim. Dong Hyun Kim wins by unanimous decision!

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