Written By Rana G on Saturday, March 26, 2011 | 10:29 AM

Welcome to friday or as I like to call it the day the music died...

hey what do Rebecca Black, Paris Hilton, and Lindsey Lohan have in common other than a contract signed in goats blood with the devil. That's right the amazing ability to make lipsynging there own songs look as difficult as a pedophile trying hide a boner in his clown suit at lil timmys 6th birthday party... there's a little winner dong you you to timmy... Dong no no I said dog...


I admit I have a morbid fascination with failure on the internet that exposes the sincere and vain. First off Rebecca Black is looks like a chick that would fuck up a first kiss by vomiting into your mouth. I was going to do a joke about he looking like a chick that would fuck up a blow job because she sucks too hard but my demographic indicate a bunch of young fucklings watch this show so got to keep it clean for the kids... wait a minute


Its hard to say what about her I instantly hate. Her unnatural hair color, her crooked smile, how about her condescending trite lyrics that actually make people dumber for having herd them. No I'd say above all that i hate her handlers, her parents for telling her she is special and can sing, and her manager for being to to weak to tell her she can't.

The presuptivness of her team. "this song is going to be great because its about friday and everyone likes friday" "you're a genious backs were going to the moon you hear me the moon backs hahahahaha the moon here we come"

fucking kidding me... this is a fucking joke right... this is a joke on humanity about the complete waste of space that infinitey affords the internet. I get it by showg us how fake secerity can be we are forced to reexamine our own lives and find a deeper maning... nope the joke is real and our ability to make fun of others is supposedly what seperates us from them...

final summation:

I wish the older people would get out of the way of the younger people and the younger people would lead rather then follow.
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